Art Edition


July 2024

Urban tales from Berlin 

“Silver Chrome – Art Edition”, presented by ArtCity e.V, dives deep into the vibrant structures of the city and explores the fascinating element CHROME. Inspired by its history and its diverse visual presence in our urban environment, we explore the aesthetic and cultural significance of Silver Chrome through contemporary artworks, live music, workshops, artist talks and performances.

Chrome, a chemical element, was first discovered in the 18th century. The combination of chromium with other salts led to the name “chroma”, which means color. It is a transition metal that is widely used not only in nature but also in the industrial world. Since industrialization, chrome has been used in particular to chrome plate metals such as stainless steel, giving it a striking visual presence in our everyday lives. This shiny aesthetic, often found in graffiti, characterizes the cityscape and serves as inspiration for the artistic works in our exhibition.

The variety of applications of chrome is reflected in different areas of our lives, from household items to industrial applications. As a color pigment, it is also used in art and design and has a firm place in the automotive industry as a design classic.
Our exhibition is not about a specific theme, but about the visual representation and diversity of Silver Chrome. The multiplication and colorfulness of chrome is to be set as a monument to honor its presence and significance in the urban context. Through the artistic interpretation of this element, we create a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere that reflects the creativity and lifestyle of the street. Our collaboration with emerging artists aims to push boundaries, open up new perspectives and foster a cultural movement. We work with established artists who are already closely associated with this theme, as well as emerging talents who reinterpret the theme in fresh and interesting ways. Our aim is to create a link between artistic subcultures and everyday urban life through the theme of chrome, connecting different realities of life and sharing experiences.


Our decision to choose Silver Chrome as the theme for this exhibition is based on our deep understanding of the artistic diversity and subcultures that many of our members and artists come from. Silver Chrome is not only an aesthetic element for us, but an omnipresent symbol that is present in various aspects of urban life.
By choosing this theme, we not only want to encourage artistic innovation, but also strengthen our international and local connections. Silver Chrome provides a rich source of inspiration that allows us to connect different creative currents and create a space for cultural exchange.

Our approach is to create a platform that not only presents aesthetically pleasing art, but also addresses socially critical issues and provides a space for creative exchange. The diversity of artists participating in this exhibition allows us to unite different forms of artistic expression, from abstract art and street art to electronic music and performance art.

We are convinced that the fusion of these different art forms will create a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere that will appeal not only to art lovers but also to a wide audience. Our aim is to break down boundaries, open up new perspectives and foster a cultural movement that drives dialog on contemporary issues and strengthens communities.