ArtCity e.V.


The Berlin, Germany based association ArtCity e.V. is a politically, ideologically and denominationally unbound association for the promotion and support of the transnational activities of art and culture. It is committed to promoting understanding between peoples, cultures and religions through the promotion, support and implementation of performing and visual arts. In doing so, it feels particularly committed to the goal of a humane and democratic life and to the principle of the development of social justice.


The realization of cultural projects of classical and contemporary art of all genres, for example through the organization of exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions and events of diverse forms and the development of innovative artistic concepts that promote intercultural exchange.

The promotion, support and implementation of international cultural exchange: creating opportunities for artists to meet and collaborate. Networking of regional and supra-regional cooperations, exchange of experience and mediation of non-material and material assistance for municipal and independent non-profit cultural institutions pursuing similar statutory purposes. Maintaining contacts with foreign youth and artist groups and providing active support.

Help advance Art and Culture! Your contribution empowers us to address societal challenges through art, enriching our communities.