Berlin Bishkek
Art Weeks


May 2023

Exhibition & Intercultural Art Festival about Migration

The Berlin Bishkek Art Weeks, as one of the most inspiring projects by the Art City Arts and Culture Association. ArtCity is driven by a passion for promoting art and culture as a bridge between diverse cultures and continents. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of our remarkable projects, which revolved around the theme of „Migration in Central Asia.“

The Essence of the Berlin Bishkek Art Weeks

This captivating festival provided a glimpse into our cultural endeavors. The Berlin Bishkek Art Weeks served as a remarkable platform where artists from Central Asia and Berlin Based artist could explore and convey the theme of migration in Central Asia through artworks and artistic expressions.

During the festival, artists delved into various aspects of migration, ranging from historical migration movements to contemporary issues. Through artistic exploration and dialogue, a fresh approach to this complex theme was discovered.


Project Mommys: Louise Amelie & Darja A. Nesterowa 
Production: STUDIO KOA
Curator: Andreas Bauer
Head of Production: Keshia Luna Biedermann
Corperate Design & Edit: Olivia Rynkiewicz
Sound Design: S03 Studios
Copy Writing: Anastasia Bettin
Exhibition construction: Elisabeth Bender
Eventmanagement: KYD Berlin
Book Design: Moritz Borchardt

Dr. Mahabat Sadyrbek, Begimai Mamytova, Dr. Aksana Ismailbekova, Asel Sairaan-Damir, Benjamin Merten, Simon Melchers, Carsten Schöneich, Renate Wegener, Thomas Schelle

Our Impact

The Berlin Bishkek Art Weeks exemplify how art can be used as a creative language to engage with and reflect upon societal issues. This festival not only contributed to fostering intercultural exchange but also to seeing migration in Central Asia from a new, empathetic perspective. The artistic works bridged worlds and fostered a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by migration.

The Berlin Bishkek Art Weeks marked a significant milestone in our mission to utilize the world of art and culture as tools for communication and change.

Our Gratitude

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the artists, partners, and supporters who participated in this remarkable project. Their dedication and creative contributions helped establish art as a powerful means of discussing and reflecting upon migration in Central Asia.



Altynai Osmoeva, Dastan Temir, Aiza Zheldenbeva, Altay Usenov, Darika Bakeeva, Doorov Islam, Zhyldyz Bekova , Andabek Uulu Omurbek, Saadat Aitalieva, Zhandos Alibae, Ivan Ryaskov, Sultan Jum, Munara Abdukakharova, Serenov Urmat, Mirlan Sheishenbayev, Gulzat Matisakova, Amantur Imanaliev, Shakhnazar Borboev

Louise Amelie, Andreas Bauer Natalie Wesselius, Vincent Grunwald, Rafaella Braga, Tra My Nguyen, Beverly Destiny Renekouzou, E. Kartelovic, Apl 315, Malte Fröhlich, Katharina Nesterowa, Niklas Apfel, Moritz Lindur, Kadir Amigo Memis, Sasha Tatic