Dead End Gallery


November 2022

A free group exhibition of a circle of friends and colleagues from Berlin, whose roots reach into the subversive art and culture underworld (often with a hedonistic character).

Exhibiting Artist:
Vincent Grunwald, Louise Amelie, Norman Behrendt, Tom Solty, Boris D94, Sven Uwe Kaiser, ARIS Oner, Christoph Rode, R. Borrmann, Simon OstWest, Frau Regel, KRKSRC, Drik the Villain, Rokko Rossow, Donna Aviles, Max Künkendorf.

Curated by Andreas Bauer

Welcome to Adit´s World, a curation with a unique talent for bringing hidden art and artists from the underground scene to the forefront.

Tanks to all friends, family, colleagues, interested people and all the other loving faces that made these projects possible.